Having the right luggage can make your travels a lot easier. Let’s be honest, as fun as traveling is, it can also be stressful.

Of course, no two people have the same needs. Ultimately choosing the right piece of luggage comes down to what you like best.

Buying the right luxury luggage set is an important decision since it should last for years. Buying the right luggage set deserves careful consideration.

Whether you’re a business traveler, long weekender, or globetrotter, you need quality luggage. Let’s uncover how to choose a set that’s right for you.

Suitcase or Backpack?

They are not suitcases, but backpacks are luggage. Yet, unless you’re traveling overnight, you probably want something larger.

Backpacks come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. Some have frames and wheels, and others do not. Backpacks are a great option if you’re planning to go camping or hiking.

But there are many reasons to choose luggage over a backpack. A luggage set is convenient and leaves you with a sweat-free back.

Hefting a backpack can be challenging if you have health issues. And organizing your clothes can be a real nightmare.

Hard-sided suitcases are durable, safe, and offer a professional image while you’re traveling. When you’re shopping for a smart, luxury luggage set, it’s a good idea to leave the backpack behind.

With fewer and fewer lines including a first bag in the ticket price, the benefits of carry-on luggage are becoming more and more attractive. From keeping your belongings nearby in an aluminum carry-on to ensuring a stress-free and efficient flying experience, light travel is a great solution.

However, even if you aren’t ready to ditch your checked-baggage, keeping your most valuable pieces in a carry-on is always a great idea. Of course, like all luggage, not all carry-on bags are created equal.

Want to know how to keep your items safe, secure, and undamaged in the overhead compartment? Follow along to learn the 8 advantages of an aluminum carry-on and where to pick up the last luggage you’ll ever need to buy.

What Do You Need in Your Luxury Luggage Set?

Choosing the right type of luggage set begins with answering some simple questions. Before you start shopping, you’ll want to consider how you plan to use your luggage set.

For example, do you travel by car, or do you need a carry-on when you fly? Do you have a lot of storage space at home?

Do you travel solo or with a family? Do you go on long trips, weekend holidays, or week-long business trips?

Do you consistently pack the same amount of clothing? Do you have a preference for luggage color or material?

These are just some of the questions that help you decide the type of luggage that best meets your needs.

Number and Size

Some luggage is sold as a set and others as single items. Which type you choose depends on your needs and your storage space at home.

When you need many pieces, consider sets that nest. In other words, when in storage, one fits inside the other.

This takes up less space and gives you greater flexibility when you need to choose a smaller case for a shorter trip.

There are some general guidelines when you think about the size of the suitcase you’re buying. It’s a nightmare to have a piece of luggage that’s too big for you to physically manage. Even with wheels, you must be able to lift and maneuver the suitcase.

If you love flying, check to see what the luggage allowance is for weight and size for all airlines to travel with. Some have slightly different size restrictions

The restrictions for domestic flights are different than for international flights. So, depending on your travel needs, you may want to check both.

Different airlines may also have different acceptable carry-on sizes. And, they have strict rules. You don’t want to be stuck having to check your carry-on bag.

How Many Wheels?

Today, you will be hard-pressed to find a piece of luggage without wheels. The question is whether you want your luggage with two wheels or four wheels.

Luggage with four wheels are better balanced and easily move in any direction. These are also known as spinner wheels since they move in all directions.

If you have more than one piece of luggage, you can stack them on top of this suitcase. Outside of an airport, it may be easier to pull your case with two wheels if you’re going over rough ground.

But if the majority of your travel is in airports, cars, and hotels, then four wheels maybe your best option.

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Hard or Soft Side?

Some people have a strong preference for hard side or soft side luggage. Soft side luggage offers slightly more flexibility. This comes in handy when loading into an overhead compartment.

They may be lighter weight, but they do not offer the best protection to your contents. If the luggage fabric is not waterproof and stain-proof, it can end up looking old long before its time.

Soft side luggage sets are often closed with zippers. These can easily tear or break and are not easily repaired. This type of luggage usually has exterior pockets for easy accessibility.

Soft side suitcases are packed from the bottom up. When you need something from the bottom, you’ll have to go through the whole suitcase.

The hard shell suitcases in current luxury luggage sets are not what your mother grew up with. They’re made with ultralight materials that are strong, durable, and featherweight.

The luxury luggage sets are made with aircraft-grade aluminum. It is lightweight, strong, and resistant to corrosion.

This means that while they are metal, they don’t rust. They are easy to transport through the airport and hotels. This saves stress and strain on your back.

Hard side luggage also protects your contents better than soft bags. These luggage sets are easier to clean and help keep your contents organized.

Feature Choices in Your Luxury Luggage Set

These are the big decisions about size, wheels, and type of material. Next, you’ll want to consider the extra features on your luggage set.

Have you ever noticed that the most common color in luggage is black? Black usually stays cleaner longer than other colors.

Yet, because it’s so common, it’s easy to confuse one bag with another at the airport carousel. Having a unique color also makes it easier when your luggage has been lost by an airline.

If you love black suitcases, consider tying a colored scarf around the handle or attaching a brightly colored zip tie. This makes it easier to spot and identify.

Soft side luggage sets are closed with zippers. However, this leaves your clothes susceptible to water damage. It’s also easier to open soft side luggage sets.

A hard-side luggage set may have a rubber seal to keep moisture out of the suitcase and away from your clothes. Just one spilled juice or a few minutes of standing in the rain waiting for a taxi can leave your clothes damp or stained.

An added luxury is compression boards. These handy items help compress your clothing. With clamshell-type hard side luggage, your clothes are packed on both sides. A compression board keeps your clothes in place while the case is closed.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Luggage Set

The best luxury luggage sets are quality made and durable. Your luggage is an investment. Imagine going on vacation with your family.

You’ve arrived at the airport, only to find your luggage didn’t make the trip as well as you did. The lock is broken and the airline taped it together. But not before losing half your clothes.

You spend time, energy, and money on important trips. Quality luggage protects your property while you’re away from home.

It is also important to assess the durability of the handles, wheels, and locks on the suitcase.

Choose a two-bar handle. These are sturdier and can withstand being thrown around at the airport. Pay attention to the wheels. Solid hard plastic wheels are more likely to break or crack when they’re dropped.

TSA-approved locks help slow down a thief or send them to the next suitcase.

Although you can use a common padlock, the TSA function is recommended. TSA has a universal master key that allows security to examine the contents without damaging the suitcase.

If TSA cannot open the lock on your luggage, they can do whatever it takes to open your luggage during a random check.

You can file a claim if your luggage is damaged during the screening process. However, these claims can take up to six months to investigate and be resolved. It is quicker and easier to use a TSA-approved lock. 

Look for suitcases with internal pockets or larger pouch compartments. This allows you to store your laptop or garments without wrinkling.

When you’re shopping for the best luxury luggage set, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Choosing the Best Type of Luggage Set

Ultimately, the features you choose are your personal preference. However, the best luxury luggage sets are durable and made of quality material.

The time and energy you invest in finding the right luggage set should pay off for years to come. Your luggage must protect your clothes and be easy to travel with. It should also withstand the rigors of car trunks, cruises, and airline baggage handlers.

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