What is Aluminum 

Aluminum is remarkable for its low density and its ability to resist corrosion through the phenomenon of passivation. Aluminum and its alloys are vital to the aerospace industry and important in transportation and building industries, such as building facades and window frames. The oxides and sulfates are the most useful compounds of aluminum, which is why we make our luggage out of aluminum!

The Difference Between The 2

The first noticeable thing I see when comparing aluminum luggage vs. luggage is the durability of aluminum. On average people tend to replace their luggage every three years. Shocking right? When baggage isn’t cheap even for the lowest of quality. While the fabric will get torn and ripped while metal suitcases will just scratch and dent while remaining intact. They are making it ideal to purchase and use time and time again.  

Next well compare the zippers. Aleon Aluminum Luggage doesn’t come with any zippers. Typically luggage comes with a zipper that breaks over time and use. Also, any thief can use a pen to break into your luggage even if you have the zippers locked. Regular luggage isn’t secure enough to protect you while you travel. The aluminum luggage comes with a TSA approved lock making your items secure while you travel. Along with RFID protection that comes along with the aluminum.

For those who love to overpack 

Aluminum Suitcases are not idea for packing as they don’t give up any space. You can overpack fabric luggage, but at what cost? Usually, this will stretch the fabric or zipper, making it useless once it breaks. Now your back to the store spending extra money on some luggage that you will have to replace sooner than later. That’s why metal cases will always outlast any fabric/ plastic case.


What type of luggage right for you? 


That depends on the type of outcomes you want from your luggage. If you want something that will last for a long time and look good through the years, I recommend grabbing Aleon as the luggage is priced really well and comes with a ten-year warranty. If you are okay with replacing your luggage all the time, go with the fabric.  

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