Top 7 most luxurious first-class plans in the World

What airlines have the most luxury and best first class? We narrow it down to 7 airlines for the next time you decide to fly. 

7. First Class on British Airways 787 Dreamliner

For a long time, the British airline was shunned by discerning passengers, but recently came back to it and increased its service significantly. With flights starting at 4300 euros, from London and New Delhi. For this price, you will embark in first class on a brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, in a small cocoon, all comfort with some high-tech gadgets to play with during the flight. With a tv display of 23-inch (58 cm) while playing on your touchpad as a remote control. Two USB ports, a mini-safe, and a small mirror for your convenience to complete the package. 

At check-in, the fast-track security checks, which are particularly attractive for destinations between London and North America, ensure pleasantly fast check-in. If you don’t want to carry your luggage yourself, you can use a luggage service provided by the airline. Massage and cosmetic treatments are included before departure in the spacious lounges in London Heathrow and New York JFK. Above the clouds, there are private suites in a classic British design with large wardrobes. British Airways has also invested in new catering and is now able to offer a 5-course menu in addition to the previous four selectable main dishes, which tailor to the destination. The crew also serves a suitable wine for each course. Treat yourself to this service while you wait to arrive at your destination. 

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6. The Air France Premiere

French chic is also in the air. La Première guarantees you services that match the services of a 5-star hotel. Room service at your disposal, bed 6 ft long and 30.315 inches wide with memory foam mattress, private area, 24-inch screen… everything has been thought of, with the possibility of traveling as a couple, or work meetings. This can go for up to 9000 euros, depending on the flight.

La Première tries to lure its exclusive clientele above all with the French star cuisine, which will be put together individually. Every two months, top chefs create new menus, including a coordinated wine list. It is served on specially made porcelain with the typical seahorse. Before the plane takes off, it is worth taking a look at the departure lounge with wellness treatments The French are famous for their extravagance, and limousines are available for transport – so you can travel comfortably even in your high heels. Nobody has to worry about formalities and baggage drop-off either, because the airline does this. Onboard, Air France divides its first class again on selected flights. Especially on long-haul destinations between the home airport Paris Charles de Gaulle and Asia, there are private suites in the Boeing 777-300, which primarily meets the request of Asian guests for maximum privacy. However, this is also the case in normal first class because there are only four to nine seats available. French exclusivity also guarantees board clothes and pajamas by French designers, a toiletry bag with Givenchy care products, and low-allergy pillows and duvets made of delicate down.

5. Qatar Airways First Class

As we know, Qatar does not skimp on the means to offer the best to its customers. For around 5000 dollars a flight, you can take advantage of all the services of the VIP space. Large screen, reclining armchair in bed position, you can even put on pajamas specially designed for you with the Charente option. If you need to stretch your legs and refresh your throat, a lounge area and its bar are waiting for you and your Black Card. 

A premium lounge is available to all guests of the upper classes in the newly opened Hamad International Airport. If the guests are then ready for departure, the included chauffeur service, including the limousine – no one has to walk, even though the airport is only a short distance away. The friendly and courteous staff on board impresses immediately and, with all their intrusiveness, registers every wish immediately. On the first flight with Qatar in First Class, you should be busy with the seat and its massage function, which can be activated even when lying down. To sleep the whole flight is much too good with this airline. The food at the toque level, which is predominantly Arabic in flavor and can consist of up to ten courses – champagne and accompanying wines,are included. For a pleasant digestive sleep, there are designer pajamas made of silk as well as an amenity kit from Prada. Because of the excellent occupancy, Qatar, which is also the first customer of the new Airbus A350, is planning pure first-class flights to selected destinations.

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4. Cathay Pacific Airways First Class

The Hong Kong company has been renowned for several years for offering among the three best first classes in the World. And it starts when you arrive at the airport with a lounge that puts you right in the mood. Then onboard the aircraft, small dishes, significant vintages, and long periods of sleep are offered on a platter. Well, almost because nothing is free in this World. Return trip from the UK to New Zealand = 8,957.50 Euros

First and foremost is “The Wing”, the flagship lounge with a view of the runway. In addition to a first-class self-service buffet, the showers are particularly impressive here, which, in contrast to the lounges of other airlines, are spacious and modern. In order to be able to offer passengers a uniform concept, the rooms were designed by the British architecture firm Foster & Partner, but also the design in the aircraft themselves. The Boeing’s long-haul routes were given private suites, which are equipped with all amenities, art, and sculptures. Headphones come from Bose, and the film and music selection can be viewed in advance. For the highest possible user-friendliness, Cathay chose LCD touch screens that can also be used to adjust the seats and lighting. The menus mainly consist of Chinese dishes, which, however, have nothing to do with the Chinese cuisine in Europe, and the principle of “all you can eat” applies to pasta dishes. If that’s not enough, you can order one of 21 extra dishes in advance. If the guest is tired, the cabin crew changes the seat into a bed of almost 7 feet and equips it with utensils made from the finest organic cotton. The pajamas are in the same material.

3. The Emirates First Class Suite

What can you get for $ 9,000 when you travel to the best company in the World (2017 Ranking)? Quite a few things, in fact. First, you will travel in a suite, with everything you need to pass the time without getting too bored. And if you really go around in circles, a personal mini-bar is at your disposal. As well as a bathroom. Drinking in the shower at 10,000 feet above sea level can be an exciting concept.

The airline of the Emirate of Dubai sets itself the purpose of reading their guests’ wishes from their eyes, and they are close to meeting them. Worldwide, First Class passengers have access to 50 lounges, almost all of which are equipped with a spa area. A free chauffeur is also available not only for the journey from the terminal to the plane in 30 cities beforehand and afterward, i.e. from the front door to the hotel and at no additional cost. The award-winning entertainment program ice on Demand with 1,800 channels is available to guests (by the way, also in the economy), and if the desired film is not available, simply write an email before departure. In contrast to other lines, the seat is not brought to a lying position at the push of a button but by the staff, which goes back to the preferences of the guests, if possible, not having to lift a finger. The lighting promises reduced jet lag, although this phenomenon on long distances can be attributed to the time difference. In the new Airbus A340 and A380, the usual first class has been replaced by the suites, and here the bathroom is not just a bathroom where you can freshen up as well as possible. No, Emirates offers guests a luxury oasis with a wellness shower.

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2. The Singapore Airlines First Class Suite

The World’s cleanest state airline, founded in 1947, was the first customer to receive the Airbus A380. But it is not only at this point that Singapore Airlines outperform the competition. For the trifle of $ 18,000, you can treat yourself with this very high-end suite between NY and Singapore. And because it’s you, you can even go back and forth for this price. Onboard, a master meal, more than a giant screen, private bathroom and WC, and a double size bed which made the reputation of the company, which was the first to offer them. 

The famous Singapore Girl with the colored caftans, which shows the rank within the cabin crew, is the first advertising character to be exhibited at Madame Tussauds in London. The beds in the First Class cabins, which are also equipped with a health-promoting lighting concept, have an impressive width of 35 inches and are 7ft long. Private suites are available to guests on the London-Singapore and Singapore-Tokyo flights. Despite the best possible service, the airline makes sure that nothing has to be thrown away during dinner. Even if there are only nine people in First Class, Every dish must theoretically be available for all guests. This is why passengers can order their menu in advance so that the right thing is guaranteed. The menu includes no less than 60 dishes that are tailored to route countries – also leaders. Whoever tastes the lobster from the Paris-Singapore flight should not be surprised if there are completely different side dishes when departing from Frankfurt, and when departing from Switzerland, a freshly baked braid can be ordered that is still warm on delivery. After boarding (and if desired, during the entire flight in unlimited quantities), Dom Perignon Vintage 2004 is served. Incidentally, the five-star airline has been in the top positions in the Skytrax ranking for several years and is, therefore, in a class of its own.

1. The Etihad Airways Apartment

In the first classes, of which there are three at the national airline Abu Dhabis, even the most pampered air passenger is amazed and enthusiastic. The concept was designed by the company of the United Arab Emirates and cost only $ 30,000 for a one-way trip. For this price, you will enjoy an XXL bed, a lobby where you can chat with your guests on the barrel courtyard, a bathroom worthy of a SPA, and a real chef on board. You would be more likely to be given dishes reheated in the microwave.

Before departure, the service is almost identical to that of the Emirates and the difference only begins on board. The “ordinary” first class is a first suite as we already know it from other airlines as a premium first. At Etihad, the First Apartment is one step higher, where the bedding and seating are separate. It is thanks to this fact that it is much more than 6ft long that even very tall people can sleep comfortably. There is a 24-inch screen for entertainment with an entertainment program of several hundred channels and the wellness shower is also standard. But that’s not all. Etihad earned first place for “The Residence,” an apartment above the clouds. Bedroom with french bed, living room, and bathroom with bathtub (of course equipped with gold taps). It goes without saying that the television is even bigger than in the First Apartment, the food and the choice of drinks at its finest and legendary. Incidentally, the cost of this complete luxury flight experience is $ 30,000. 


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