Traveling can be stressful — a lot of things can go wrong but you can minimize this so long as you have prepared for your trip. Whether you are traveling within the country or a thousand miles away from home, it’s essential that you have booked everything – hotel accommodations, train tickets, restaurant reservations, tickets for the attractions, etc. Most importantly, you need to have the best luggage as they would serve as your companion for the entire trip.  

A luggage is more than just a tool to get your valuables from one place to another. It’s one of the most important things you need to bring with you when traveling. With the right kind of luggage, traveling will be stress-free and hassle-free. When you get high-quality luxury luggage, there is no need to worry about things that can go wrong. Your valuables are protected and secure.

By investing in a high-quality aluminum luggage, you know all of your valuables are in good hands. Below are eight reasons why it’s important for all travelers to invest in high-quality luxury luggage for both leisure and business travel.

luxury luggage with 10 year warranty

1. Stress-Free Commute

The last thing you want to happen when traveling is having to deal with broken luggage. Imagine how inconvenient and frustrating it will be when you spend your time fixing your luggage instead of enjoying the sceneries. It can be even more stressful when you are on a business trip.

You can completely avoid dealing with a broken suitcase when you decide to get aluminum luggage. Luxury aluminum luggage is designed with style and functionality in mind. They are also extremely durable. They are and always will be your best companion during a commute. With luxury luggage, a stress-free commute is a certainty.

With high-quality luggage, it will be a lot easier to travel. You won’t have any problems dragging your luggage around at train stations or airports.

2. High-Quality Luggage

One of the benefits of investing in luxury luggage is protection. Aluminum luggage will never tear nor break. It is lightweight and strong and one of the most durable metals in the market. It’s the best material for quality luggage. All of your valuables will be secured inside.

An aluminum luxury luggage can provide good resistance as it is designed to endure anything. With high-quality luggage, your entire travel experience will be so much better.

3. 10- Year Worry-Free Warranty

We are quite certain that our luxury luggage is extremely durable. Rest assured, it’s going to last for a long, long time. There is no need to keep buying replacement luggage when you decide to invest in aluminum luggage.

However, we do want to give all of our loyal customers peace of mind. This is why our aluminum luggage comes with a 10-year warranty.

While we do not expect you to contact us to get your luggage repaired, our team does want to make sure that everything is taken care of.

By investing in luxury luggage, you get everything – style, functionality, durability, and a long warranty. What more can you ask for?

4. Durability

Durable luggage is essential for travel. It ensures that all of your valuables are protected and secure. Aluminum luggage is synonymous with durability. You’ll never have to worry about wasting time having to fix your luggage because it’s broken. Because it’s made with aluminum, you are assured that it will last for a long time.

5. You Get Better at Packing

One problem travelers have is packing their valuables. Some of them may bring their entire closet with them, but they struggle packing them all into a suitcase or backpack. So they end up bringing extra luggage with them.

Are you one of those travelers who struggle with packing? You never have to worry about this when you invest in luxury aluminum luggage.

Having aluminum luggage can help you become a better packer. They do not flex nor stretch, which means they will not create a space that’s not even there. What does this do for you? You avoid having to pay extra for overweight luggage.

6. Water-Resistant

Soft luggage absorbs water, and that may ruin some of your valuables inside the luggage. On the other hand, buying aluminum luggage ensures that your valuables are protected from any liquid spills. Do make sure that all of your liquid containers inside are completely sealed.

7. Style and Functionality

There are luggage made with fabric, leather, or polycarbonate. While there are travelers who prefer them, you can’t deny that aluminum has a more high-end and professional look. If you are on a business trip, having aluminum luggage will make you look good.

Also, our luggage are built for functionality. We have different compartments, so you can store different types of valuables.

8. Security

How secure are your belongings? One of the things travelers worry about at the airport is theft. They can still happen – and common in checked luggage. Soft luggage is prone to theft as it’s easier to cut through the fabric. With aluminum luggage, you never have to worry about theft. The only way to cut through your luggage is when they use a saw.

Your belongings are completely secured with aluminum luxury luggage. You worry less, and theft can be avoided.

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Choosing the Best Luxury Luggage for You

If you travel, buying luxury luggage is a good investment. You can maximize your experience when you have the perfect luggage for your trip. 

How much should you pay for it?

When it comes to buying luggage, choose one that will be with you for the long haul. Keep in mind that cheap luggage may require replacement every couple of years or so. The cost can add up. Luxury luggage may cost you more – but when you think about the benefits you get when traveling, they far outweigh the cost. 

Investing in a luxury suitcase is cost-effective in the long run. Why? Apart from the stress-free commute with luxury luggage, there is no need to spend anything more on costly repairs and another replacement. 

How much you need to pay for the luggage would depend on the type of luggage you need for the trip. Get bigger luggage if you usually travel for weeks. Otherwise, just get something enough for all your valuables. 

Luxury luggage is made with the best materials – aluminum luggage, for example, is basically indestructible. It can withstand anything – and no matter how many times you use it, it will still be good enough. 

What are the common types of luggage?

Rolling suitcases have wheels so you wouldn’t have to carry them. They come in both softside and hardside. While soft bags can accommodate more, it’s not always advisable as you may end up paying for overweight luggage. 

A backpack is a good option only for camping or other outdoor activities. Duffel bags may fit nicely but they can also strain your shoulder. 

If you want more options, consider spinner suitcases so you can rotate them 360 degrees. For easy maneuvering, two-wheeled luggage would be ideal. 

To know which luxury luggage is best for you, don’t forget to check out our online store. 

A Cheaper Luggage Isn’t Always the Best Luggage

You may think you got a good deal after buying luggage that cost only 50 USD. In the past, it may seem right to buy cheaper luggage. There are incidents when luggage gets lost at the airport, stolen and even misplaced. When it’s cheaper, at least it wouldn’t really give you an even stressful time as you only spent a few dollars for it. 

Today, however — it’s not worth it to buy cheaper luggage especially when you are traveling a thousand miles away from home. A lot of things can happen – you may have problems with the zipper or the handle. Or worst, you suddenly realize that your luggage is not enough to store all of your valuables. You can avoid risks and bigger problems when you buy durable, luxury luggage. 

We Make Aluminum Luggage Built to Last a Lifetime

Aleon is committed to manufacturing aluminum luggage built to last for a long time. Why aluminum? It’s a lightweight yet extremely strong metal – an excellent material for luxury luggage. Also, it doesn’t rust and not very costly. Most importantly, digital thieves will never get to steal your passports or credit cards as they are RFID-shielded. 

All of our luggage are manufactured with style, durability and functionality in mind. Rest assured, we never sacrifice quality. We have traditional carry-ons, trunk style, non-wheeled and rolling cases available for all types of travelers. Make sure you check out our online store today!

Feel free to contact us if you need more information or have questions about our aluminum luggage.

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