Work from home jobs tripled from 2019 to 2021, rising from 9 million to nearly 28 million. But now, employers have started pushing for the return to the office. Are you prepared to go back to the workplace?


Ready or not, it is time to dust off that old briefcase. Better yet, you can pick up a new modern-day briefcase to get you excited to return to the office.


The men’s briefcase has undergone many different iterations over its lifetime. So, you may not know about the most popular briefcase on the market today: the metal briefcase.


Why is the metal briefcase so great? And where can you buy one in 2022? We are answering these questions and more below, so keep reading.


A Brief History of the Briefcase


Early models of briefcases have been around since at least the early 1800s. Before that, people used soft, frameless leather bags to tote around important documents.


In 1826, a French man named Godillot began carrying the earliest version of the briefcase. It was a carpet bag reinforced with a hinged metal frame.


A few years later, J. G. Beard of Westminster, England designed the Gladstone bag. This precursor to the briefcase had a metal frame and two separate sections. It also had a rectangular shape.


The 1850s gave rise to traditional-style briefcases. Over the years, these bags have evolved into the modern briefcases we see on the market today.

history of the modern briefcase


Types of Briefcases


Today, we can generally distinguish between traditional and modern briefcases. There are different types of briefcases that fall under each of these categories, which we will talk more about next.


Traditional Briefcases


Traditional briefcases are those people carried before the 1990s. They were typically made of leather that was often covered in designer logos, rectangular in shape, and handled on the top of the bag for easy portability.


The different types of traditional briefcases available at those times include:

  • Portfolio briefcases
  • Folio briefcases
  • Attaché briefcases
  • Catalog briefcases


These bags were big and bulky, meant to carry a lot of paperwork. But as the world started to go digital in the 1990s and beyond, the modern briefcase became far more practical for the working man.


Modern Briefcases


The trending modern-day briefcase is slimmer and more practical than ever before. They only need enough space to hold a laptop or even a sleek tablet.


That is why you will predominately see the following types of modern work bags available today:


Another big change in the modern briefcase is the materials used to manufacture it. Leather bags have fallen out of favor because they are not as durable and protective.


What are the best modern briefcase styles and materials? We are talking about them next, so keep reading.



Modern Briefcase Materials


Modern briefcases come in a wide array of materials. Leather, nylon, vinyl, fabric, and plastic are all common. But in our opinion, the metal briefcase is superior to all of these.


Why? Because buying a thin metal, briefcase offers a ton of benefits. First of all, a thin metal like aluminum is lightweight, often even more so than briefcases made out of natural materials.


Metal is also extremely durable. It will not warp in the rain like fabric or leather, it does not show wear and tear like vinyl or nylon, and it is not prone to breakage or cracking like plastic.


Finally, metal is an attractive and rugged option that will set you apart at the office. Synthetic and natural fabrics, as well as plastic, are too casual for corporate life. Leather looks great, but it can date your briefcase in a way that modern-looking metal never will.


For all of these reasons and more, we created our Aleon briefcases and bags from lightweight and long-lasting aluminum.


Modern Briefcase Styles


As mentioned, the most popular styles of work bags today are laptop briefcases, backpacks, and messenger bags. If you do not know what a messenger bag is, it is a rectangular bag with a long cross-body strap.


Backpacks and messenger bags are far too casual for the modern man. These bags lack internal structure and form. That means they are not the best protection for your work documents and technology.


Also, backpacks and messenger backs are far too bulky. You do not need all those pockets and extra storage compartments. It is a common saying that the higher up the corporate ladder you get, the thinner your briefcase should be.


This is why a metal laptop briefcase is the best choice for the modern man. They are professional-looking, thin, and never bulky. Plus, they will protect your work necessities even in a monsoon.

man holding briefcase


Aleon: The Best Modern-Day Briefcase


At Aleon, we create long-lasting briefcases for the modern man. Our Aluminum Laptop Case is made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum. It is strong, lightweight, and double-reinforced at the corners for ultimate protection.


Our briefcase offers you all the room you would need and want without being too big or bulky. The built-in interior organizer allows you to store your tech, paper documents, business card, and even a few personal items.


Because this bag is made of aluminum, it is also RFID-blocking. That means you can store your credit cards inside your briefcase without having to worry about hackers.


Best of all, this bag is extremely sturdy and durable. You can drop or bump your briefcase, and your sensitive technology items will still remain safe and sound inside.

1519 aluminum business attache

15″ Business Attache

17 inch briefcase with wheels

17″ Wheeled Business Case

17 inch laptop briefcase made with aluminum video silver

17″ Business Attache


Get Your Stylish Men’s Briefcase from Aleon


The modern-day briefcase is slim, professional, and makes a statement. And there is no better way to show off your personality than with a timeless aluminum briefcase from Aleon.


Are you searching for a timeless and durable work bag to add to your collection? Shop our catalog now to find the aluminum briefcase or business bag you have been searching for!



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