Every airline traveler wants their journey to be smooth in terms of time and overall flight experience. In such a competitive economic environment, airlines are making great efforts to lower their airfare and provide passengers with multiple options to save on their next air ticket. One strategy that many airlines have started using lately is low priced tickets for passengers with no checked baggage. If you are planning your next business trip or a short vacation and feel that a carry-on case can fit your entire luggage, then ALEON Aluminum 19” carry-on can save a lot of time and money on your next travel.

Advantages of ALEON’s Aluminum Carry-On Bag Over Checked Luggage

ALEON’s Carry-on bags not only save you time and money, but they also add predictability to your travel experience by giving you closer access to your luggage all the time. Here are some benefits of using a carry-on bag:

1.     Easy Check-In

By using an ALEON carry-on bag, you can save a considerable amount of time that gets wasted while weighing your checked baggage at the counter and getting your collection tag. You can utilize this time to print your boarding pass at a self-servicecounter and head straight towards the TSA queue. This will save you a lot of time and add convenience to your journey.

2.     Zero Fees on Your Luggage

There are many cheap flights available for many different destinations; however, most of them offer a high checked baggage fee and each country has its own standard size for a carry-on case which can eventually cancel the lower ticket price. If you are using ALEON’s 19” International carry-on bag on board the aircraft, you don’t have to worry about checked baggage fee anywhere in the world. Even in Europe where checked baggage fees are huge, the 19” ALEON case will be compatible with local regulations and will be treated as under seat carry-on with ZERO luggage fees.

3.     Avoiding Any Loss or Damage to Your Luggage

With an under seat carry-on, you can keep a close eye on your luggage, ensuring it’s safety and avoid any damage due to rough use during luggage transfer.

Modern Design Carry-on bags

ALEON has introduced latest designs in carry-on bags ranging between 16” and 21” in length that help passengers make the most out of their air travel and add greater convenience into their journey. ALEON’s Aluminum casing carry-on bags open from the top and have zippered compartments, which make everything visible from the top. This feature is especially useful at the TSA counter in case you have to open up your luggage. With its dimensions optimized to fit beneath your seat, you do not have to worry about the overhead bins being full.

The reinforced aluminum corners and high-density double quad wheels make ALEON’s carry-on bags last longer and can be a great addition to your next air journey.

Carry-on bags are becoming more and more essential for a modern-day traveler every passing day; ALEON’s state of the art carry-on designs add great convenience and enhance the overall air travel experience helping you make the most out of your leisure or business trip.

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