Carrying heavy bags can cause a wide range of back and posture health problems. You can strain your back and neck muscles and have a difficult time maintaining an upright posture. You can make your neck muscles stiff and struggle to maintain your balance.


Of course, when you have a lot of documents, technology, etc. you need to carry around, it may be impossible for you to avoid having a heavy bag. However, you don’t necessarily have to carry it. Being able to drag your necessities is one of the many advantages that briefcases with wheels can give you.


Read on to learn about 5 more advantages a rolling briefcase can give you.


1. Keeps You From Carrying Heavy Loads


The back and neck injuries that you can get aren’t the only issues you can experience from carrying a heavy bag. The stain that you experience from lugging around the heavy bag may cause your body to react in another unpleasant way.


You can end up sweating a lot. This is especially liable to happen if you have to wear a suit on a hot day. Unfortunately,  this happens a lot in business situations.


Sure, you can wear deodorant, spray on cologne, and take a shower to get rid of most smells. However, that won’t hold back the sweat that can sink into your shirt, blazer, and other areas.


Some may argue that the sweat makes you look like you’re putting in a great effort at the job. Others may not agree and consider a heavily sweaty look unprofessional. It’s best to try and put as little exertion on your body as possible if you have to travel a long distance.


Switching out a regular briefcase for a wheeled briefcase can ease a bit of that strain.

prevent sweating in your suit


2. Open From the Top


Many briefcases open in much the same way that a laptop does. You need to set the briefcase on your lap first. Then you’ll pull open the top of the case until the two halves of the case sit at a 90-degree angle together before you can access what you need.


This style of opening can cause some issues when you’re traveling. If you open and search through a traditional briefcase, your elbows will likely stick out. If you’re sitting on a plane or a bus, your elbows will stick into the person next to you or the wall of the vehicle or craft.


People don’t generally like to be elbowed and you’ll struggle to maneuver. It’s better to leave your briefcase on the floor as you search through it. However, this can be impossible to do with a traditional-style briefcase.


Most rolling briefcases aren’t built like this (ours aren’t). Instead, the pockets open in an accordion way. Such a design will allow you to keep your arms fairly straight as you bend over to search for what you need.

Classic-and-vertical-carry-on-luggage guy and girl having suitcase open from the top for easy access


3. Helps You Walk Faster


Another problem with carrying a heavy load is that you can’t run or walk as fast. Hopefully, you won’t ever need to be speedy, but you need to be prepared for unexpected situations. This is especially the case when you’re traveling over long distances.


For example, the first leg of your flight may arrive late and you’ll have to run to the connecting flight. You may also be behind schedule and have to run to your bus or workspace so that you arrive on time.


In all these situations, a briefcase with wheels will help you keep on schedule despite hiccups. A heavy bag is more liable to tire you out and pull you down. A lightweight and speedy bag will keep moving along behind you with ease.

Lawyer briefcase guide


4. It Can Hold Other Bags


A briefcase with wheels can even ease your traveling strain further. Along with all the storage space the briefcase itself has within it, there’s also storage space on top of it. That is, users can easily place other bags against the handles of rolling briefcases.


Keep in mind, though, that you have to prepare such an organization carefully. Don’t put too much weight on the top or it will be hard to keep your rolling laptop bag upright. You also want to make sure that the top bag isn’t too much taller than the top of the handle.


You may also want to find a way to secure the bag you place on your rolling briefcase so that it doesn’t fall off. You can use a Bungie cord or some other type of rope for this.

getting more storage out of your briefcase


5. It’s Easy to Store


Some businessmen may be opposed to opting for a wheeled briefcase as they’re worried about the size. There’s not always a lot of space available when they’re traveling from one place to another. When they’re traveling on planes, for example, they may need to store their rolling briefcase under the seat in front of them.


Is this possible to do with rolling briefcases? This depends entirely on the type of wheeled briefcase that you want to buy as some are bigger than others. However, there are models of briefcases with wheels that can be a perfect carry-on for a flight.

fitting your briefcase on the plane


Our Briefcases with Wheels Can Be Your Perfect Work Companion


You need to work hard and face adversity well, but you shouldn’t make things harder for yourself unnecessarily. That will only make you less productive overall.


The type of bag that you carry to work should reflect this philosophy. A wheeled briefcase will make certain things easy for you so that you can be more dedicated in the places where it counts.


If you think that you’d like a highly mobile type of work bag now, consider looking at our collection of briefcases with wheels. Subscribe to our newsletter to get $25 off your first order.

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