As the lockdown is nearly over in most countries, you might be thinking about your next holiday. There are many places to go that would relax your mind and escape the stress the pandemic caused. But befor going on trips, two things are needed:


1.) Knowing Where You Will Go

2.) What You Will Bring

That first step is important. Once you decide, get your arrangments in order and start the booking. The next question is what to bring.


Everyone wants to preserve memories made on vacation. One of the best ways to do this is capturing pictures and videos. Traveling with the equipment for this can be difficult, so you may want to consider using a smaller device. You’ll love looking back at videos and seeing the memories you made with special people in special places. 


When traveling, people bring necessities, including things need to enjoy the trip and stay organized. Using the right luggage will help make the journey smoother and ensure you’re able to bring everything you need.


There are several things to consider before deciding what luggage to use for travel. Some things include:

1. Wheels and Straps


Wheels are the more preferable type. It is easier to travel with, and you can carry a significat amount of stuff without straining yourself. People usually prefer four big wheels because it allows a smoother journey without getting stuck on small bumps. Also, wheels that spin 360 degrees are a must. It makes it easier to navigate, especially for heavy luggage.


If you wish to use a shoulder strap bag, then get one that is wide an padded inough to support the wight of your belongings. Or if single straps are too heavy, then a backpack will help ease the load.

2. Dimension


Make sure the bag fits in the caabiin. In the US, most plane cabins require a maximum of 14 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 22 inches in lenght of luggage size. British airways luggage should not be bigger that 90cm x 75cm x 43cm. For the US and Britian airlines, the dimensions include any piece of the luggage that sticks out, like wheels and handles.

3.  Weight


All airlines have a rule for how heavy your luggage can be. In case the weight exceeds the limit, extra fees will be charged. So, it is essential to check your airline policies beforehand. A small hack to escape the additional charges is to wear pockets. If you have anything that doesn’t fit in the luggage, you can carry it in there, and the airports won’t weigh it. 

4. Look Inside


Don’t buy luggage until you take a look inside. Sometimes, it looks really big; luggage may seem to have a lot of room until you look inside. The luggage could have less space to make it sturdier. You need to make sure the space inside is enough for your belongings.

5. Hard or Soft-Shelled


In the past, hard-shelled baggage was more popular. It had higher durability than other options, but it was heavier. In recent years, new materials for luggage have been introduced. It is easy to find hard-shelled baggage that is light and soft shells that are highly durable. 


If protection is important to you, then choose the hard-shell one; try to keep it light. It will be more cost-effecient when traveling. 

6. Looks


It goes without saying that if something looks good, then you feel good. Get luggage that fits your style. It will make a difference in how you spend your vacation. If it is a business trip, and there are chances you would meet clients with the luggage, then it should look professional.


Get simple luggage pieces, and choose nuetral colors like silver, black or brown. If your choosing luggage for vacation then just go with what you think looks good and makes you happy.

7. Pockets


This one is for more convenience, but it mostly depends on what your priority is. If you have important documents, then it will be convenient to keep them there. Do you need clothes to change into on arrival? Maybe you’re going to meet griends and go to events when landing. Or maybe you are planning on working and need a separate place to keep your laptop. The extra pockets will help keep things more organized when unpacking. 



When choosing the right luggage, there are many things to check first. Because there is no such thing as being too careful, preparing beforehand will help to make any travel run smoothly and be less stressful. Your future self will thank you when the vacation goes without a hitch. And when there aren’t regrets about what could have been brought or not. 


Hopefully, this article helped get you ready for your next trip. Safe travels!

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