On average, people in the United States travel around one to two times per year. Whether you travel more or less than that, it is important to have the right kind of luggage with you. Trunk luggage with wheels is certainly something you should consider.


Trunk luggage used to come in the form of huge, heavy, and bulky trunks. Today, however, trunk luggage is far more streamlined and easy to move, especially with the addition of wheels. But what should you look for when choosing a trunk suitcase with wheels?


How can you make sure that you’re making the right choice? Keep reading and learn more about it below.




Security is a big factor to consider when traveling. After all, people steal other people’s luggage all the time, especially at airports or even outside of hotels. Even if a person doesn’t steal an entire piece of luggage, they may still try to slip their hands into the luggage and take out a few things.


This, of course, is not what you want to deal with when traveling. This is especially true if you have some important items in your rolling trunk luggage such as your passport, wallet, extra money, your computer, phone, and so on. Fortunately, rolling trunks are relatively hard to steal because they are larger and more noticeable than backpacks and other smaller types of luggage.


For example, trunks that have metal exteriors are automatically more flashy and visible compared to a plain black piece of luggage. So, it will be easy for you to keep track of your trunk and it will be harder for a thief to discretely get away with the luggage. More than that, if someone tries to break into the trunk, that will be yet another difficult task.

tsa approved locks getting through airport security


The Details


That’s because trunks that have a metal exterior such as aluminum are quite sturdy. A good trunk will also come with combination locks to make it even harder for a person to break into your luggage. As long as you know the right combination to the lock, only you will be the one to be able to open the luggage.


As a result, your luggage should be perfectly safe whether you’re in an airport, hotel, waiting for a taxi, or anything else. This is far more than what can be said about ordinary luggage that gets stolen or broken into all the time.

locking luggage with tsa approved lock


Storage Ability


In the past, trunk luggage wasn’t all that efficient. It wasn’t much more than a big box that you have to shove all of your items in. Most of the time, there weren’t even straps or any extra accessories to help keep your items in place, so they would roll around any time you moved the trunk.


Fortunately, truck luggage today is far more advanced and is much better at keeping things in place.


The great thing about trunk luggage is that it allows you to store a lot of things in one place without having to squish them as you might with a backpack or any other non-structured piece of luggage. For example, you can easily fit a bunch of clothes, electronics, and other items into a trunk without any issues.


Modern trunks come with all sorts of straps, zippers, and other attachments to make storing your items easier than ever. Some even come with a compression board which, as the name suggests, makes it easier to compress your items and close the trunk so that everything inside the trunk is easily distributed.


What You Need to Know


With the straps inside the trunk, you can strap down your computer or another important object so that there won’t be any risk that your important objects will bang around inside the trunk where they might get damaged. In addition, when it’s time to open the trunk and get to your items inside, it will be easy to go through them and grab whatever you happen to need.


There are, of course, different-sized trunks that you can get as well. Some trunks are around 26 inches while others are around 30 inches. Of course, some are much larger or smaller than that, but these two sizes tend to be enough for the average traveler.

silver luggage trunk style luggage

30″ International Trunk Checked

trunk luggage in silver aluminum

30″ Macro Traveler With Suiter Checked

silver aluminum trunk luggage

26″ Traveler With Suiter Checked


Portability and Weatherproofing


With the simple addition of wheels, trunk luggage has become more portable than ever. Even if your trunk is very heavy, you shouldn’t have any trouble rolling it along the floor of the airport, hotel, or wherever you happen to be.


The handles on trunks are also very sturdy, so if you do happen to lift up the luggage, you don’t have to worry about the handle breaking under the trunk’s weight.


Another benefit is that many high-quality trunks are weatherproofed. This is possible with a rubber lining on the inside of the trunk as well as a metal exterior. That way, if it happens to rain or if you accidentally spill something on your trunk, you won’t have to worry about any liquid getting on the inside of your trunk which might ruin the objects inside.


As a result, your trunk and its contents should be completely safe.


All About Trunk Luggage With Wheels


Trunk luggage with wheels comes with a variety of benefits that you might not have thought of before. After all, trunk luggage is durable, portable, weatherproofed, and very secure, especially when compared to average pieces of luggage. What else could you want from your luggage?


To learn more, check out our luggage options here.

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