32″ Luggage Macro Plus Traveler Large Suitcase

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COLOR: Silver 

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Exterior Dimensions: 32.5 x 21.5 x 11 in
Interior Dimensions: 28.3 x 19.2 x 10.5 in

Weight: 16.0 lbs

Volume: 5,705 cu in

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Two TSA Resettable Combination Locks
  • Wheels Roll Smooth Over All Surfaces 
  • Interior Compression Packaging Boards
  • Multi-stage Locking Telescoping Handle
  • Double-reinforced Aluminum Corners

Available colors: Platinum, Champagne, Onyx, and Sapphire

32″ Luggage High-End Luggage/ Large Suitcase

This 32″ luggage allows you to pack more–and pack more efficiently–for your travels. These hard body cases are made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum that’s exceptionally durable and lightweight for luxury travel— secured with riveted construction and double reinforced corners for extra strength. A telescoping handle ensures a superb fit for anyone and every situation. Two resettable TSA-approved combination locks, accepted as the standard all over the world. These dependable locks keep your belongings safe and secure. High-density Double Quad Wheel System is silent and smooth and rotates effortlessly.

Inside this large luggage/suitcase – it is fitted with a seamless rubber seal to keep out moisture and grime. ALEON’s high-end luggage lining is made of coated polyester. It’s stain-resistant and water-repellant with nonabrasive fabric that won’t harm your belongings. Two rigid compression panels will keep all your belongings from falling to the bottom and prevent wrinkles.

All ALEON cases are protected for 10 years. ALEON is proud to facilitate in-house production, responsible for all the manufactured elements of these high-end luggage pieces — excluding the TSA locks — we keep our cost down and give the savings back to you.

1 review for 32" Luggage Macro Plus Traveler Large Suitcase

  1. jhhamlin (store manager)

    Over the past number of years, I have purchased multiple aluminum suitcases including Rimowa, Zero Halliburton and Aleon.
    Aluminum is far superior to cloth or fabric suitcases for security and durability. An aluminum suitcase can’t be cut into with a knife. That has happened in certain areas of the world where theft is more common place.
    The hinges on the Aleon suitcase are longer than the hinges on the Rimowa suitcases and more durable. The Aleon case always closed securely with a good seal. The Rimowa cases never sealed tightly with cracks present for water entry.
    Aleon has provided fantastic customer service. Rimowa’s wheels have fallen off as have Aleon’s wheels when there is an unusually hard loading and unloading from aircraft. Aleon has always stood behind their warranty and replaced the wheels that were lost without any service charge while Rimowa has charged fees.
    The Rimowa’s comparable size case price is substantially more than Aleon’s price. The 32-inch Aleon case is one inch wider than a similar Zero Halliburton.
    Personally, I will never purchase another suitcase other than an Aleon.

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