Black Aluminum Suitcases

We’ve put together our collection of all Black Aluminum Suitcases for you to enjoy. All our luggage comes with a ten-year warranty with free shipping to the USA and Canada. Made with aircraft-grade aluminum, your suitcase will be stylish and durable for the years to come. Show off how far you have traveled. With 13 different types of bags to choose from, you’ll be able to rock that black case in a carry-on or checked.

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Black Laptop Cases

Black Laptop case 15 inches


15″ Business Attache

17 inch black aluminum laptop case


17″ Business Attache

Black Carry-on Suitcases

Black 16 inch vertical underseat carry-on


16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-on

17 inch black wheeled business case


17″ Wheeled Business Case

17 inch deluxe wheeled business case


17″ Deluxe Wheeled Business Case

Black 19 inch international carry on


19″ International Carry-on

Black 20 vertical business carry on aluminum suitcase


20″ Vertical Business Carry-on

Black 20 vertical business carry on aluminum suitcase


21″ Aluminum Overnight Bussiness Carry-On

21 classics carry on black aluminum suitcase


21″ Classic Carry-on


Black Checked Suitcases

Black aluminum suitcase 26 traveler



Black aluminum suitcase 30 marco traveler


30″ Macro Traveler

Black aluminum suitcase international


30″ International

black aluminum suitcase 32 inch


32″ Macro Plus Traveler