In America alone, airlines collect around $4.9 billion in annual checked-baggage fees. While a small part of this may be oversized bags and heavy packers, the majority is from airlines charging through the nose for just one checked bag.

With fewer and fewer lines including a first bag in the ticket price, the benefits of carry-on luggage are becoming more and more attractive. From keeping your belongings nearby in an aluminum carry-on to ensuring a stress-free and efficient flying experience, light travel is a great solution. 

However, even if you aren’t ready to ditch your checked-baggage, keeping your most valuable pieces in a carry-on is always a great idea. Of course, like all luggage, not all carry-on bags are created equal. 

Want to know how to keep your items safe, secure, and undamaged in the overhead compartment? Follow along to learn the 8 advantages of an aluminum carry-on and where to pick up the last luggage you’ll ever need to buy. 

1. Valuables Protection

When it comes to aluminum carry-on vs soft carry-on bags, the added protection for your valuable items is undeniable. In an effort to fit in as many bags and people as possible, airlines and their attendants tend to squish and shove bags in the overhead compartment. 

While this may be fine for purses or bags full of clothing, more fragile belongings could be at risk. The carry-on luggage hosting laptops, tablets, and other high-end tech may be one bump away from expensive damages. 

Aluminum carry-on’s however won’t give and bend when other bags are squished in. The high-durability of the aluminum case ensures that no pressure or banging from other cases can get through to your belongings. 

You can rely on your valuables being in the same condition they were at takeoff. This makes bringing your tech and gadgets along for your trip easier and safer than ever before. 

aluminum Carry on in office

2. Liquid Resistance

One of our favorite benefits of aluminum luggage is its resistance to liquid. While we wouldn’t suggest submerging your luggage in a pool, small spills and mishaps are deflected off of the aluminum surface. 

This goes a long way in ensuring that no one else’s leaky water bottle, exploded shampoo container, or even sticky sippy cup get through to your belongings. 

Soft luggage has a tendency to absorb these liquid spills and can make your bag and everything in it damp, smelly, and potentially ruined. If you plan on storing your carry-on with the collection of other bags above your head, you run the risk of any damage happening, including these unfortunate spills.

Save yourself time and money by ensuring your carry-on luggage is liquid-resistant.

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3. Easily Identifiable

We’ve all been there. You buy a basic black bag thinking it will be versatile and professional only to discover that everyone else at the airport had the same idea. As bag after bag comes down the conveyer belt, you are stuck checking every single bag trying to determine which one is yours. 

Of course, with a carry-on, you won’t have to deal with the conveyer belt of confusion. However, multiple similar-looking carry-on bags can cause similar problems in the overhead compartment. 

Even if you know which one is yours, having a generic-looking bag can result in a stranger leaving with your belongings. This can leave you without your electronics, change of clothes, or even the important documents for your business meeting. 

An aluminum carry-on solves this problem by being unique and easily identifiable. You can rest assured knowing that your bag won’t be mistaken for someone else’s and disappear without a trace. 

4. Precise Packing

Traditional soft-sided carry-on bags open via a flap for the lid. Aluminum and other hard-sided luggage on the other hand split down the middle, leaving a compartment on either side for packing. 

Each side contains straps or packing devices that hold your belongings in and make them easier to access. You’ll be able to get a better view of what’s in your bag and retrieve your belongings without rummaging through a carefully stacked pile of packing. 

For business trips, this allows for easy separation of clothing from documents to ensure no unnecessary wrinkles or tears take place.

Although your laptop will be perfectly protected by the aluminum carry-on, your ‘padding’ efforts can be aided with the split-style packing as well. Instead of piling socks or sweaters on top of your laptop before closing the lid, you can ensure a padded surround without moving your device from the easily-accessible top position at all. 

5. Guaranteed Size Requirements

When it comes to the pros and cons of aluminum luggage, the stable size fits into both categories. 

Because the hard-sided luggage doesn’t have any give, it can be more difficult to fit all of your belongings into one bag. This can be a problem for heavy packers or those of us who overestimate how much we really need to bring. 

On the other hand, this reduced give can actually force you to skinny down your essentials list. Beyond learning to pack lighter, the fixed amount of space can help you ensure that your bag doesn’t cost you a fortune in overweight fees. 

Of course, when it comes to your carry-on, size is a much larger concern than weight. Fortunately, using an aluminum carry-on ensures that your bag will never be booted off because it doesn’t fit in the overhead section. With no ability to expand outwards, you’ll always have the exact right measurements to carry-on. 

Just be sure you check your favorite airline’s requirements and choose an aluminum carry-on size that suits their guidelines.

aluminum Carry on in hotel

6. Security

While theft is more common with checked-luggage than carry-ons, there are still numerous theft incidents per year that create a need for more secure carry-on luggage options. In fact, around 24% of travel-related theft takes place while you are in the air.

To prevent sneaky snatchers from accessing your belongings, aluminum luggage provides greater security than any soft luggage option. Even with locks and straps on your soft carry-on bags, thieves can still easily cut the fabric of the case or jam open the zipper to get inside. 

With an aluminum carry-on, there’s no way to cut into the bag other than an industrial-strength saw. Of course, this would never happen on a plane or at the airport for that matter. In addition to this, our aluminum carry-ons feature locking clasps instead of zippers. 

While this keeps thieves out, it also plays a large role in ensuring no accidental unzipping takes place with jostling and bumping of bags during boarding and deboarding. 

7. Professional Appearance

The sleek design of an aluminum suitcase sends a message of professionalism and class. In fact, many travelers choose an aluminum carry-on for the impression of experience it sends. 

This is largely due to the fact that experienced travelers know and appreciate the benefits of aluminum luggage and invest in the high-quality security option. Whether or not you are carrying high-tech or valuable items in your bag, the travelers around you will see you as an experienced and professional presence on any flight.

With different models designed specifically for business use, you can feel confident arriving on your business trip or conference with a sleek and stylish aluminum carry-on. 

8. Long-Lasting 

When weighing out the pros and cons of aluminum luggage, the price point is a large contributing factor. Because aluminum luggage is so sturdy and durable, the price tag is often higher than those soft-sided competitors. 

The key to remember here is that one piece of aluminum luggage will last far longer than a cheap, soft carry-on. In fact, if you travel frequently, you could actually see yourself saving money by not repurchasing flimsy suitcases again and again. Beyond this, the security features of the case can save you thousands of dollars replacing documents, electronics, and other valuables. 

When you purchase an aluminum carry-on, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t be in need of a replacement anytime soon. These tough cases are built to last flight after flight and protect your belongings long into the future.

Choosing Your Aluminum Carry-On

Now that you know the benefits of aluminum luggage, it’s time to find your new travel companion. From keeping your belongings safe against bumps or spills to giving a high-class appearance both on and off the plane, you can’t go wrong with a durable and reliable Aleon Case. 

Ready to get your hands on the best aluminum carry-on? Shop our selection of specially crafted carry-ons today and find your travel-proof partner today.  

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