Add some style to your business travel! #travelwithaleonModern-day travelers have easier access to destinations around the world. Using the internet, they can reserve their seats on an airplane, book their hotels, and even purchase local train tickets online. Once the trip has been planned from start to finish, passengers are left with questions about how they will carry their luggage during the journey.

A big question is whether to use Hardside or Softside luggage during their journey. Each type of luggage has its pros and cons, but one is better than the other if you choose the right kind. Mentioned below are some essential aspects of Softside and Hardside luggage that can help you in deciding on the type of luggage you want to use on your next trip.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardside Luggage

1.    Safety

By choosing Hardside luggage, you can free yourself from worrying about any expensive items that can break in case of rough use. Hardside luggage has an outer case that is stronger than fabric, however, when choosing between polycarbonate and aluminum the more dribble option is Aluminum. Polycarbonate can crack while aluminum will not puncture or tear.

2.    Extra Protection

ALEON has designed aluminum frame and body luggage that is built to last and protect your luggage from dirt and water.  ALEON’s cases are airtight and water-resistant keeping in view the nature of air travel today. Each case is equipped with TSA combination locks to keep your items safe and secure. Aleon cases are sealed with a frame closure for extra security. With a frame closure, you can be assured that your case won’t break open as often occurs with zippered closures. Likewise, frame closures cannot be overpacked because the rigid closure will not break down and expand as fabric will.

3.    Colors

Another significant advantage that hardside luggage has over softside is that their colors look more prominent and vibrant on the Polycarbonate or Aluminum surfaces. Due to this advantage, Hardside luggage comes in a variety of stunning colors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Softside Luggage

1.    Flexibility

Softside luggage is less rigid on the outer side making it easier for passengers to squeeze them into tight spots. However, you should be careful if you have an expensive or breakable object which can be damaged if too much pressure is applied to your luggage. The downside to flexible materials is thy will deteriorate and tear over time.

2.    Less Vulnerable To Dings or Scratches

The material used in Softside luggage is soft and therefore it is not easy to put dents or marks on it due to rough use, but it can tear. If something gets on them, it will likely stain. The soft side can handle the impact but can also easily be damaged.

3.    Outer Storage Pockets

Softside luggage usually comes with exterior pockets which can be used to store last minute items that you do not want to carry in hand. However, if these items are expensive, you might not want to give your bag in checked luggage rather keep it in the overhead compartment or below the seat.


Both, the Softside and Hardside luggage have their pros and cons; However, Hardside luggage seems to be a clear winner when it comes to added protection and safety of your items. The latest designs introduced by ALEON are strong enough to endure rough conditions and come in carry-on sizes as well which are easy to fit in the overhead bins or underneath your seats.

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