30″ Macro Traveler Checked

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COLOR: Silver 

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Exterior Dimensions: 29.9 x 19.7 x 10.8 in
Interior Dimensions: 27 x 17.7 x 10.2 in

Weight: 15.0 lbs

Volume: 4,875 cu in

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Two TSA Resettable Combination Locks
  • High-density Double Quad Dual Wheels
  • One Interior Compression Packaging
  • Two Compression Boards
  • Multi-stage Locking Telescoping Handle
  • Double-reinforced Aluminum Corners

Available colors: Platinum, Champagne, Onyx, Sapphire, Ruby
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Macro Traveler

ALEON’s checked luggage allows you to pack more–and pack more efficiently–for your travels. These hard body cases are made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum that’s exceptionally durable and lightweight — secured with riveted construction and double reinforced corners for extra strength. A telescoping handle ensures a superb fit for anyone and every situation. Thttps://aleoncase.com/check-in-cases/traditional-checked/wo resettable TSA approved combination locks, accepted as the standard all over the world. These dependable locks keep your belongings safe and secure. High-density Double Quad Wheel System is silent and smooth and rotates effortlessly. Inside – this case is fitted with a seamless rubber seal to keep out moisture and grime. Aleon’s lining is made of coated polyester. It’s stain resistant and water repellant with nonabrasive fabric that it won’t harm your belongings. Two rigid compression panels will keep all your belongings from falling to the bottom and prevent wrinkles. All Aleon cases are protected for 10 years. Aleon is proud to facilitate in-house production, responsible for all the manufactured elements of these high-end luggage pieces — excluding the TSA locks — we keep our cost down and give the savings back to you.

1 review for 30" Macro Traveler Checked

  1. Ricky M. (verified owner)

    I received the 30″ Macro Traveler just before leaving for Italy via Amsterdam. I ordered the blue color with is quite nice. I expected the case to show more wear with scratches and minor dents but it arrived back in the US with almost no evidence of use.
    The case is certainly heavier than the typical non-aluminum variety but not so much as to make a huge difference in weight when fully packed. Also, your clothes will absolutely arrive in better condition. The design and manufacturing are excellent with the following exceptions:
    The wheels are smooth and quiet but not a much as the best Japanese ones. This is a minor complaint. However, I feel the TSA locks could be better. They are very secure but the function is a bit sloppy and not the same smoothness and quality as on my Rimowa aluminum carry-on.
    That said, I will order additional cases in the future. However, I believe that addressing my concerns above would truly make Aleon a Rimowa-Killer.

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30" Macro Traveler Checked
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