16″ Aluminum Backpack

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Each pack is fitted with:

  • Built-in padded sleeve to hold a laptop or tablet
  • Wall organization panel holds writing instruments and small digital devices 
  • Large zipper section for small essentials 
  • Removable padded sleeve for a laptop
  • Over-the-handle strap for hands-free carrying on an upright suitcase
  • The larger pack adds a packing cube for an overnight  clothing change

SIZE 11.7 x 5.9 x15.8
Weight 3.5lbs
Volume 15L


Where does Function meet Cool with the addition of maximum Security? at Aleon, that’s where…Meet the Aleon Aluminum and Nylon Hybrid Backpacks.

Aleon is introducing two sizes of their state-of-the-art Backpacks designed to carry what you need in a secure, multi-functional case carried in comfort and offering total protection of their contents.  These easy opening, all-access packs cannot be open while being carried, so no more concerns when in a crowded room, train, airport, or crowded streets of major cities.


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Aluminum Backpack Black with padding
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16" Aluminum Backpack - Onyx/Black
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$ 289.00
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