A Comparison of 4 Premium Aluminum Brands

1. Colors available (5)

ALEON offers more color options than any Aluminum Luggage and Case manufacturer, with five vibrant Platinum, Onyx, Sapphire, Ruby, and Bronze colors.

2. Number of styles (19)

ALEON has designed the widest variety of styles to meet the needs of every traveler. From
traditionally styled luggage and business cases to backpacks, vertically opening cases, each designed to address the needs of today’s travel.

3. Aluminum-magnesium alloy

Every ALEON case is manufactured from Aluminum-magnesium alloy, the only material offering natural RFID protection, is biodegradable and recyclable. Aluminum luggage and cases provide the greatest strength and durability of any other material available.

4. TSA approved built-in locks

Each ALEON case has TSA-approved built-in locks for added security. Each lock can only be opened by the case owner and a TSA agent using a unique tool only available to Homeland Security.

5. Aluminum frame

Every ALEON case is made with an aluminum-alloy frame designed to offer the most incredible level of protection for the case contents. No zippered closures to break or be penetrated.

6. Dual-quad wheels

Each ALEON spinner (4-Wheeled) case uses four two-wheel rollers to roll smooth and track with ease over the roughest surfaces.

7. Weatherproofing rubber seal

Each all-aluminum case has a built-in continuous rubber seal on its aluminum frame, sealing the case from the elements making the case weatherproof.

8. Compression packing system

Each piece of ALEON luggage has a built-in compression packing system consisting of a packing board and cinch straps designed to hold garments and all contents securely in place, minimizing wrinkles and potential damage to contents.

9. Wheel replacement from exterior

Everyone who travels with rolling luggage knows wheels will eventually wear out or can be damaged by baggage handlers, no matter how well made. ALEON has made wheel replacement quick and easy with a single Philips-head screw from the outside of the case. No need to send a case
out for wheel replacement, almost anyone can replace a wheel on an ALEON case.

10. Patented design

ALEON created an iconic look that is unique and timeless, and you will not see another case mimicking the ALEON patented design.

11. Suiters available

ALEON is the only all-aluminum case on the market with built-in suiter options, offering three sizes from carry-on through large check-in sizes.

12. Full-length piano hinges

Every ALEON case uses piano hinges (A full-length hinge) that ensure against the warping of the aluminum frame. Other aluminum luggage makers use two or three small hinges that do not prevent their structure from being bent out of shape rendering the case unusable.

13. Warranty

Worry-Free limited warranty covering airline damage
ALEON supports every case with their ten-year worry-free warranty. ALEON is the only aluminum case manufacturer offering a full ten-year warranty coving defects in workmanship or manufacturing and covers the case from airline damage when the case is used as intended.

14. Reverse engineering process

ALEON uses reverse engineering processes to improve the disassembly of their cases, making it possible to replace parts with minimal expertise, thereby making any repair or part replacement faster and at a substantially lower cost.

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