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Rolling briefcases combine the class of a briefcase with the convenience of a rolling suitcase. Whether you’re new to rolling briefcases or want an upgrade from your current model, the Aleon rolling briefcase is an excellent choice. Here are some of the many reasons more people are getting Aleon cases.


Create a More Business-Like Impression

Functionally, there is little difference between a rolling backpack and a rolling briefcase. Both hold about the same amount of supplies, and both make it easy to transport your supplies. However, there is just something more distinguished about a briefcase. People typically picture an overeager school child when they think about rolling backpacks.


Meanwhile,  when you walk into a room with a briefcase, you look mature, confident, and put together. If you are preparing for a big meeting or trying to impress potential business associates, a briefcase allows you to have a positive first impression.


Avoid Excess Strain on the Backs and Shoulders

No one likes carrying a heavy bag, but most people assume it is just a minor inconvenience. However, did you know that regularly carrying a heavy bag can cause long term damage/ Research has found that those with heavy backpacks experience lumbar asymmetry and disc compression. Over time, this can damage soft tissues in the spine and shoulder. You can end up with painful pinched nerves, strained muscles, and other issues.


A rolling briefcase takes all the stress and strain off of your back. Even if your briefcase is packed with heavy books and electronics, pulling it is fast and easy. Since the wheels and the ground are supporting most of the weight, even the slightest tug can set the briefcase rolling. When you are carrying a lot of heavy materials around, a rolling briefcase is one of the best ways to protect yourself from nerve, muscle, and skeletal damage.


Get Versatile Storage for All Sorts of Situations

One of the great perks of a rolling briefcase is just how versatile they are. Unlike some other forms of luggage, a rolling briefcase is not a single use item. Instead, it can transform to carry your belongings through work or play. Of course the most common use for a rolling briefcase is simply using it to transfer your papers, office supplies, and important files to and from work. However, its larger size means you can also use it as a portable laptop bag when you want to sit at a coffee shop and browse online.


Some people even use a rolling briefcase for non work related events. The Aleon rolling business case is large enough to hold some clothes and toiletries for an overnight trip or weekend vacation. Ultimately, the briefcase size is one of the most versatile options because it is compact enough for everyday usage yet large enough to store multiple items.

Protect Your Belongings From Getting Crushed

There are all sorts of potential materials to choose from when shopping for a rolling briefcase. While fabric might be cheap and leather might look traditional, at Aleon, we believe metal is the best choice. The benefit of a metal briefcase is that it is sturdy and resists pressure. If someone puts a heavy item on the briefcase or accidentally sits on it, it will not crumple.


This is a huge benefit when you want to pack your briefcase with fragile items. Once you place your belongings in our briefcase with an aircraft grade aluminium shell, you can be confident they are safe. Designer sunglasses won’t get broken by a casual bump and important documents won’t get creased or torn. If you pack electronics in an Aleon case, you do not have to worry about things like cracked screens or kinked wires.


Choose From Multiple Fun Colors 

Of course fancy color options are not a necessity for luggage, but at Aleon, we believe it is worth having color choices. Depending on the product you select, you can pick from classic neutrals like silver or bright colors like sapphire and ruby. The extra color options are one of the things that make our rolling briefcases stand out from our competitors. Being able to pick from multiple shades helps you find the rolling briefcase that matches your personality and style.


Colorful briefcases are also functional. The bright pop of color from an Aleon case can make it easy to identify your luggage at an airport or office. You never have to worry about it getting in a sea of identical black bags.


Keep Your Belongings Organized

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, briefcases have the excellent ability to simplify your life. You do not have to end up rummaging around in a bottomless bag for a phone charger or pen. Instead, the compartments in a briefcase let you immediately locate whatever you need. The Aleon wheeled briefcases come with multiple compartments.


No matter how many papers, magazines, files, or tablets you have, it is easy to sort them out into our multiple slots. The business organizer inside the Aleon case also comes with zippered pouches for storing smaller items. This ensures that things like ID badges, pens, or wallets do not slip down to the bottom of your bag. When you have a briefcase, you can always feel competent, put together, and organized.


Get Sturdy and Durable Design

Unlike cheaper briefcases, the Aleon wheeled business cases will not fall apart after a few months of use. We produce every component of our briefcase, besides the locks, in-house. This gives us complete control over production, so we can make sure every part meets our rigorous standards.


With stain-resistant linings, high-density wheels, and high grade aluminum, our briefcases will last you through years of work and travel. We also include riveted construction and double reinforced corners. Even if your briefcase undergoes extreme conditions, it will keep on working properly and looking great. The Aleon case is an investment that continues to work reliably for years to come.


Foil Luggage Thieves

Even if you travel in extremely high-class areas, theft is always a risk. When your briefcase is just filled with basic paperwork, having items stolen is definitely an inconvenience. However, theft becomes a major problem when your briefcase is filled with proprietary materials. Depending on your job, a theft could easily lead to hours of extra work, extra expenses, or even disciplinary action. Typical briefcases with a folding flap are very easy to access. An enterprising thief can easily slip a few items out of your bag while your back is turned.


Aleon makes this scenario almost impossible. A sturdy zipper is used for opening the case, so it is easy for you to seal away any important items. Furthermore, we include two resettable, TSA approved locks at the top of the case. You can skip setting these if you do not need them, but you always have the option of setting a combination and securing your items for good.


Maneuver Over All Sorts of Terrain

Of course one of the biggest perks of a wheeled briefcase is its ability to smoothly roll alongside you. Therefore, we put a lot of focus on getting the best wheels possible. The Aleon case has four wheels instead of two, so you do not have to tip it at an angle to pull it. The wheels are slightly larger than standard luggage wheels, so the case navigates easily over bumps.


Whether you are walking on pavement, brick sidewalks, or even grass, you can roll the Aleon case with ease. Another special feature we include is 360 degree spinning. This makes it easy to pivot the briefcase or pull it at an angle. Instead of only traveling back and forth, you can move the case sideways or diagonally as needed. When you have to turn suddenly or move around an obstacle, your Aleon briefcase can pivot right next to you.


Avoid Moisture Damage From Unexpected Weather

An unfortunate reality is that pretty much everything you put in a briefcase can be harmed by water. Briefcases tend to be used for paper products and electronics that are easily damaged by moisture. If you end up stuck in the rain waiting for a taxi or accidentally pour a hot coffee on your bag, it is possible to damage a lot of expensive or even irreplaceable items.


We noticed that water damage was a huge complaint for a lot of our customers, so we crafted a rolling briefcase that is water resistant. Behind the aluminum shell, we have a seamless rubber seal that keeps all your belongings dry. For an added layer of protection, the interior lining and organizer is made out of a water-repellent coated polyester.


As you can see, there are many great reasons to consider a rolling briefcase from Aleon. Our rolling briefcases are sturdy, reliable, and convenient. When you are ready to enjoy all these great rolling briefcase benefits, browse our options and pick out your favorite.

Rolling Laptop/ Briefcase


These rolling briefcases are made with the best quality of aluminum that is used in all aircraft. Ditch the laptop bag and start with a light travel business case that rolls on 4 wheels. Used both by men and women, these cases are perfect for business by keeping all your files organized while on the move. From businessmen and women to lawyers who need to carry a lot of documents and computers, Aleons aluminum carry-on briefcase will keep you wanting more and more. All luggage comes with a retractable handle, water-resistant, laptop sleeve, and telescoping handle. The document cases will open vertically to the easy of accessing your files and business essentials. The 17″ will fit a laptop up to 15″. The case comes with over the shoulder sling so you can carry your new case however suits your style. With the luggage being aluminum, it will block all RIFD signals keeping all your data protected and secure. Lock the briefcase up when you’re not around with a combination for the 17″ and the 16″ has a key. These cases also double as an overnight travel bag with just enough room to back for the day. Change the way you travel with the luggage you carry as the easy access briefcases roll along with you.

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