Traveling is an enjoyable experience that brings about immense joy and pleasure. When you have selected a travel destination and freed up your schedule for the upcoming exciting time, an important question remains as to what or how much to pack for your trip.

If you have packed the right type of shoes, used the right amount of clothes and kept enough items that will help you last 10 to 15 days in a foreign place then you will thoroughly enjoy your trip without having to worry about your luggage. You should know that packing for your upcoming journey determines the quality of your trip. In this article, we have shared some tips that will make the packing process more straightforward and easier.

The Type of Suitcase to Choose

First things first, the type of suitcase that you have with you will affect the overall journey. You do not want to end up with luggage that causes all your clothes to be acrumpled. Luggage introduced by ALEON is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a strong and fine grade material. ALEON’s carry-on and checked baggage comes in different shapes and sizes ideal for any destination. Built with great design features and strong aircraft grade aluminum frame and body they are built to last long and a great investment for your travel needs.

Items to Pack

The stuff that you choose to take along will be a strong determinant of how much you enjoy your trip. Light luggage that is easy to carry and just enough for your trip will add convenience and save time.

1.     Apparel That Covers Your Basic Needs

You would love to bring an ideal wardrobe for your snaps, but you should keep in mind that you want to spend most of your time enjoying rather than carrying and unpacking your dirty clothes. Choose apparel that is a must-have rather than nice-to-have in your bag. If one pair of durable sneakers and a pair of dress shoes will be enough, then don’t pack more as shoes take the most space in your luggage. Prefer clothing that is light and gives you more convenience over the ones that are trendy and make you look good in pictures.

2.     Wear Items That Are the Bulkiest

If your travel requires heavy items such as jackets and hiking shoes then wearing them while traveling will save you space and make your luggage light and convenient to carry. This is a great way to bring more while carrying less in your bag.

3.     Toiletries

Bring basic toiletries that will help in your trips, such as shaving kit, sewing kit, mouthwash, cologne, mini mirror, and laundry detergent. All this will help your prevent facing a difficult situation that you have not prepared for.

Efficient Ways to Pack Your Stuff

Now that you are ready with your list of stuff to take, the next part is to pack them to perfection. ALEON’s carry-on and checked baggage will keep your items safe and wrinkle-free in all conditions as long as you use the right techniques to pack them.

1.     Efficient Use of Space

If you are using an ALEON carry-on bag, then space should be the least of your worries as it includes a compression packing system that keeps your clothing wrinkle-free and the rigid compression boards hold everything in place using the Velcro straps. It also includes removable and padded interior organizer that can hold your laptop, tablet or any other portable device.

2.     Plan To Do Your Laundry

Being prepared for laundry during your travel is a great idea when you want to carry less. If you don’t want to spend your budget on housekeeping, then you can keep detergent to do your laundry yourself.

3.     Carry a Toiletry Bag

Having all your toiletries in a single bag adds great convenience. You can lay it flat on top of your stuff so that it doesn’t take much space and makes it easy to keep things together during the entire trip.

Traveling is a great way to gain new life experiences and enjoy a break after putting in busy hours at work and getting caught up in a daily routine. Great luggage planning adds the much-needed convenience in your vacation and allows you to gain maximum enjoyment out of your trip!

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