While going on a cruise sounds like an exciting adventure, packing for it can be quite a challenge. Most of the people who have been on a cruise realize the amount of confusion that one faces when packing for a cruise trip and the frustration one feels after coming back from the trip. To avoid feeling flustered before or after the trip, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive packing list prepared. Packing for a cruise becomes especially tricky since you will be required to follow a different dress code at different times of the day when on a cruise.

If you are all set to enjoy your vacation on a cruise but worried about how you will carry your luggage then you should try out the state of the art luggage designs by ALEON. These designs are made of aircraft grade aluminum, fitted with water resistant rubber seal and coated with water repellent Polyester lining helping them survive rough weather conditions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Packing

Before you start packing for your next cruise trip, it is important to find out what the weather would be like throughout your journey. Also, keep in mind the duration of the cruise and the kind of activities you will be indulging in. If you are traveling with family, it is advised to divide your luggage into different suitcases and keeping the number of luggage items to a minimum level.

What to Pack for a Cruise

1.    Portable Charger

Probably the most important item on your checklist would be a portable charger for your devices. It is good to carry your phone around when on a cruise to keep in touch with the other family members. Moreover, since you will be capturing a lot of special moments while on your trip, it is essential that you keep the devices charges at all times.

2.    Medication

If there is a specific medication that you take regularly, you need to make sure that you bring it along. Moreover, you should always have other over-the-counter medicines available since you never know when somebody could get a headache or suffer from diarrhea. Activated Charcoal is highly recommended since it will help combat food poisoning and treat it just in time.

3.    Water Proof Phone Case & Documents Pouch

On a cruise, it is not uncommon for individuals to try out different water adventures, which is why it is important to have everything water-proof. Most of all, you should make sure that your phone has a water-proof case since your phone is the only item that is always with you. Also, for your passport and other important documents, you need to ensure proper protection. Different brands offer a document pouch which can be used during the trip to keep the documents safe and in one place.

4.    Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, and razors, you can never have enough of them on a trip. It is, therefore, a must to pack all these items with you before you start your journey.

5.    Clothes (Formal & Informal)

It is not necessary to pack your entire wardrobe when going on a cruise. Instead, try to plan what you are going to wear each day and depending on the dress code and the events, you can keep an adequate number of clothing items.

6.    Sea Sickness Remedies

Many people are unaware of the fact that they suffer from sea sickness which ends up ruining their trip altogether. There are many remedies to help prevent seasickness. You may want to look into options and ask your doctor for suggestions. 

7.    Other Items

Other than all the items mentioned above, it is also essential to keep a bottle of sunscreen, rubber slippers, swimsuit, and a sun hat in your luggage since you never know when you might need them.

Bottom Line

Apart from knowing what items to pack, it is also important to remember that a hard side suitcase is considered to be the best option for all your cruise packing needs. Check out the variety of designs available from ALEON to choose the right luggage solution for your next cruise.

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