Traveling With Luggage 

Traveling is an enjoyable experience, provided, you do not experience luggage woes. Your traveling adventure is significantly affected by the kind of luggage you carry. If you are planning a trip that will last longer than a week, you need ample space. A regular bag pack will not take care of all your belongings, and you must carry something that is convenient and spacious. Fortunately, popular names, such as Aleon, made it their primary goal to offer travelers a reliable luggage solution. Aleon offers various designs and sizes in its aircraft-grade aluminum cases.

One would question the need for using aluminum cases only. To understand the importance of carrying aluminum luggage, consider the following benefits:

1.     Protection

Aluminum cases keep the contents of your luggage safe at all times. Because of the hard shell of these cases, they do not get affected by the frequent wear and tear. If you are a frequent traveler, aluminum cases are the right choice for you.

2.     Durability

The outside of your aluminum case remains free of ripping since it comprises of robust materials. Even though the case might get some dents or scratches along the way, it is bound to have a long life. The extra cost that you pay for aluminum cases is worth it when you consider the durability it has to offer.

3.     Weight

Aleon’s aluminum cases are incredibly lightweight. This makes moving around significantly more convenient for the traveler. The use of a strong material while ensuring a lightweight is an advantage that captures the attention of every frequent traveler.

How to Determine the Right Aluminum Suitcase Size

A trip that lasts longer than a week demands that you pack plenty of clothes and other items. For this reason, you must have ample space. Luckily, Aleon maximizes the storage potential of its aluminum cases’ collection. The three largest sizes of Aleon luggage solutions include the 30″ Macro, 32″ Macro Plus Traveler, and 30″ International Trunk. All of these cases comply with airline regulations.

You can easily make space for clothes sufficient for a 2-week trip. There are also one or two TSA locks that keep your cases undamaged in the case of a routine security check. The compression packaging used in all checked baggage collection by Aleon ensures plenty of space for your valuable items. The double reinforced corners guarantee protection to your belongings.

There are also gorgeous color options available to travelers that wish to travel in style. The high-density dual wheels are perfect for a smooth journey from one place to the other.

So, if you are looking for a roomy travel partner for your next trip, consider adding Aleon’s spacious cases to your luggage collection. Not only will you earn plenty of compliments along the way but you will also feel confident about the protection of your items. To check out the collection, click here.

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