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The Home and Away Collection

A collection of Business Cases offering
I.D. Theft Protection – Total Security – Organized spacious interiors – Unmatched durability
And a Warranty that can’t be beat
All built into each and every case

A significant segment of the population now works remotely and the numbers are expected to reach as much as half of the office workforce looking forward with some working full time from home and others in part time. This growing regime brings with it some unique challenges and Aleon has developed a new product line that addresses many of these issues. With family at home working from home with company owned digital equipment or personally owned equipment such as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones must be securely maintained to avoid accidental loss or damage to the equipment as well as apps and flies loaded on the equipment. In transit between home and office maintaining the equipment safe and secure is another issue that needs attention. And, of course when traveling your digital equipment and other personal property needs to be kept safe, secure and carried with ease of mobility.

ALEON Business Line Is Built Just For That. 

Aleon answers all these needs and more:

-Aluminum is naturally RFID Blocking protecting credit cards, Identification and Passports
-Aleon cases are all Aluminum and cannot be cut, cracked, or otherwise penetrated
-Aleon cases have TSA approved locks offering complete security
-Aleon case interiors are designed to hold today’s digital equipment safe and secure
-All Aleon cases are covered by our 10-Year Limited Warranty that even covers airline damage

Overnight Business Carry-On great for office and travel

Built For Home & Work

Built-in Flexibility in and out of the home
Each Aleon Business Case is designed for use in the home office or traditional office environment with built-in locks rendering them secure as well as child-proof. Each case is weatherproof offering in-transit protection in inclement weather and safe from accidental spills at home, and the continuous rubber seal adds an extra level of security for contents.

Aluminum Pilots Case one plane with man getting into it.

Multi Functions 

 Aleon offers cases with wheels and without, each designed to meet your individual needs. Each case is sleek, durable, and loaded with features to make your journey a pleasure. Aleon wheeled cases roll smooth and quiet on dual-quad wheels and track perfectly on 4-wheels and 2-wheels. Aleon non-wheeled cases have 4 feet at their bottom for stability above floor level.

Vertical business cases on wheels

Organization & Options 

Every Aleon Case is equipped with internal features to hold and secure its contents with padded laptop and tablet sleeves, organization panels for handheld devices, writing instruments, credit cards, and business cards. In addition, smaller size cases come equipped with over-the-handle straps for hands-free carry on an upright suitcase as well as padded shoulder straps that are adjustable and removable.
Aleon Business Cases are available in a myriad of configurations designed to meet individual needs. Aleon offers Attaché styles, Wheeled Business Cases, and our Exclusive Vertical Wheeled Business Cases that offer “Work In” capability, and we offer these truly unique and functional cases in three sizes to meet your needs.

What other business cases can your use as an office and a travel item? – Suggestion: No other Case on the market offers the features, functionality, durability, and dependability of an Aleon Aluminum Business Case and is environmentally sound.

TSA LOCK combination for luggage locks


Every Aleon case comes with built-in locks, most with 3-Dial resettable Combination Locks and others with Key Locks, all of which are TSA approved and compliant. Our all Aluminum Cases offer complete security, unlike cases made of plastic or fabric. Aleon Aluminum cases cannot be cut, torn, punctured, or cracked, making them the ultimate case when security concerns.

What Customers Are Saying About Us. 

Rated 5 out of 5

David Hoffman – July 11, 2019

Well…….they’ve done it again. I was so impressed (as were my co-workers) with the Aleon’s 16″ under the seat briefcase that I bought their 17.7 x 16.6 x 6.7 inches model……….it’s cavernous. I reached out to Aleon directly to help me with my decision and was overwhelmed with their interest in learning about how I intended to use the case so I would purchase just the right one. Additionally, they expedited the shipment so I could enjoy the product on an upcoming business trip. The only down side is I now feel like a chump for paying twice the price in the past for a Rimowa which tracks like it’s been drinking on the plane.

Rated 5 out of 5

Bruce C. September 16, 2020

Day 2 of using this case as my mobile desk. I have about a 1/5 mile walk from the parking garage to my desk, so this is a beautiful piece of luggage that has plenty of room. My kids think it makes me look like a spy. It rolls nicely on 2 or 4 wheels over pavement and office carpet. I will try to repost in a year.


Rated 5 out of 5

Bruce C.  – September 16, 2020

Day 2 of using this case as my mobile desk. I have about a 1/5 mile walk from the parking garage to my desk, so this is a beautiful piece of luggage that has plenty of room. My kids think it makes me look like a spy. It rolls nicely on 2 or 4 wheels over pavement and office carpet. I will try to repost in a year.

Rated 5 out of 5

Jason Burke – July 11, 2019

Just got this case to replace my Rimowa rolling briefcase that only had two wheels. I had thought about getting another Rimowa, but I have had some recent problems with their customer service and really did not want to spend that much money on another briefcase. So, I decided to try the Aleon. I absolutely love the case. The 4 wheels are way better than two and the case looks very cool. Rolls smooth and has high quality latches. The interior has plenty of compartments and dividers. I am probably going to get a few more pieces of luggage from them. The quality/value ratio on these is pretty high. One other interesting thing is that the Aleon is much lighter. probably 2 pounds lighter, but feels just as well built as my other case.

What other business cases can you use as an office and a travel item?

Aleon Sustainability….
It is widely recognized that aluminum is one of the most efficient and Sustainable material
being both Biodegradable and recyclable. It is lightweight, durable naturally RFID Blocking and
energy efficient.
In luggage and business case applications it is the only material offering these Sustainable
properties and also offers an upscale look and feel. Aleon Aluminum Cases are produced from
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy and offer a Patented design, are produced to the absolute
highest quality standards and are backed by the best in class warranty to support each and
every product the company produces.
For those who support global sustainability efforts Aluminum must be a consideration over
plastics such as Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, Polyethylene or ABS, and fabrics like Nylon and
Polyester. All are petroleum-based materials.

All cases come with a removable divider, normally removed when not using for business and being used for travel and leisure. 


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1519 aluminum business attache

15" Business Attache


Sliver aluminum briefcase

17" Business Attache


16 in under seat aluminum carry on silver

16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-On


Wheeled Business Case briefcase made with aluminum

17″ Wheeled Business Case


Vertical wheeled laptop case business trip briefcase

17" Deluxe Wheeled Business Case



17″ Pilot Case


Overnight Business Carry-On

21" Overnight Business Carry-on


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