The Perfect Carry-on for the Frequent Traveler

The Perfect Carry-on for the Frequent Traveler

Over the past decade, hard side luggage has become more and more popular, with cases being made to meet every traveler's desires. Hardside cases offer far more exceptional durability addressing the needs of frequent travelers. When a traveler selects a hardside case, they often sacrifice the loss of exterior pockets and compartments providing easy access to; identification, tickets, boarding passes, phone, laptops, tablets, and more. A handful of hard cases today offer front opening compartments; however, most use zippers and fabric on their pockets, which is easily damaged, adds weight, and defeats the point of a lightweight, durable hardside case. 

ALEON has developed a solution that offers no sacrifice in durability and handling; an upright case that opens vertically making access to everything inside the case with the snap of one finger. The 21" Overnight Business Carry-On -- item # 2255. A full-size Domestic Vertical Carry-on with a fully organized interior. The interior organization system is fully removable, allowing even greater flexibility of use.

It is not necessary to lay this case on its side to access contents. Clothes and other belongings are held in place on one side by the built-in Compression System designed to keep clothing in place and prevent wrinkling. The other side of the case contains a full-size packing cube for additional clothing or other necessities. The center of the case includes a padded removable business organizer for up to a 17" computer, phone, files, tablet, wallet, passport, and more. If desired, the interior components can be removed, and the case can be used as a traditional carry-on.

This sturdy Aircraft Grade Aluminum case is extremely durable, lightweight, and secured with steel riveted construction. The square double reinforced corners allow for extra packing room and style. A telescoping handle ensures a superb fit for anyone and every situation. One resettable TSA approved combination lock, accepted as the standard all over the world. The wheels are silent and smooth and rotate 360-degrees. This case is fitted with a seamless rubber seal to keep out moisture and grime. The coated polyester lining is stain resistant, and water repellant with nonabrasive fabric. Aleon is proud to facilitate in-house production, responsible for all the manufactured elements of these high-end luggage pieces -- excluding the TSA locks -- we keep our cost down and give the savings back to you.

ALEON now offers Vertical Carry-ons in three sizes, a 21" full-size domestic carry-on, a 20" international carry-on, and a 16" under-seat carry-on. There is a size designed to meet the needs of most travelers.


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Why Large Case is a Necessity When You Have Long Travel Plans

Why Large Case is a Necessity When You Have Long Travel Plans

Traveling With Luggage 

Traveling is an enjoyable experience, provided, you do not experience luggage woes. Your traveling adventure is significantly affected by the kind of luggage you carry. If you are planning a trip that will last longer than a week, you need ample space. A regular bag pack will not take care of all your belongings, and you must carry something that is convenient and spacious. Fortunately, popular names, such as Aleon, made it their primary goal to offer travelers a reliable luggage solution. Aleon offers various designs and sizes in thier aircraft grade aluminum cases.

One would question the need for using aluminum cases only. To understand the importance of carrying aluminum luggage, consider the following benefits:

1.     Protection

Aluminum cases keep the contents of your luggage safe at all times. Because of the hard shell of these cases, they do not get affected by the frequent wear and tear. If you are a frequent traveler, aluminum cases are the right choice for you.

2.     Durability

The outside of your aluminum case remains free of ripping since it comprises of robust materials. Even though the case might get some dents or scratches along the way, it is bound to have a long life. The extra cost that you pay for aluminum cases is worth it when you consider the durability it has to offer.

3.     Weight

Aleon’s aluminum cases are incredibly lightweight. This makes moving around significantly more convenient for the traveler. The use of a strong material while ensuring a lightweight is an advantage that captures the attention of every frequent traveler.

How to Determine the Right Aluminum Suitcase Size

A trip that lasts longer than a week demands that you pack plenty of clothes and other items. For this reason, you must have ample space. Luckily, Aleon maximizes the storage potential of its aluminum cases’ collection. The three largest sizes of Aleon luggage solutions include the 30" Macro, 32" Macro Plus Traveler, and 30" International Trunk. All of these cases comply with airline regulations.

You can easily make space for clothes sufficient for a 2-week trip. There are also one or two TSA locks that keep your cases undamaged in the case of a routine security check. The compression packaging used in all checked baggage collection by Aleon ensures plenty of space for your valuable items. The double reinforced corners guarantee protection to your belongings.

There are also gorgeous color options available to travelers that wish to travel in style. The high-density dual wheels are perfect for a smooth journey from one place to the other.

So, if you are looking for a roomy travel partner for your next trip, consider adding Aleon’s spacious cases to your luggage collection. Not only will you earn plenty of compliments along the way but you will also feel confident about the protection of your items. To check out the collection, click here.

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How Carry-on Case by ALEON Adds Convenience to Airline Travel

How Carry-on Case by ALEON Adds Convenience to Airline Travel

Every airline traveler wants their journey to be smooth in terms of time and overall flight experience. In such a competitive economic environment, airlines are making great efforts to lower their airfare and provide passengers with multiple options to save on their next air ticket. One strategy that many airlines have started using lately is low priced tickets for passengers with no checked baggage. If you are planning your next business trip or a short vacation and feel that a carry-on case can fit your entire luggage, then ALEON Aluminum 19” carry-on can save a lot of time and money on your next travel.

Advantages of ALEON’s Aluminum Carry-On Bag Over Checked Luggage

ALEON’s Carry-on bags not only save you time and money, but they also add predictability to your travel experience by giving you closer access to your luggage all the time. Here are some benefits of using a carry-on bag:

1.     Easy Check-In

By using an ALEON carry-on bag, you can save a considerable amount of time that gets wasted while weighing your checked baggage at the counter and getting your collection tag. You can utilize this time to print your boarding pass at a self-servicecounter and head straight towards the TSA queue. This will save you a lot of time and add convenience to your journey.

2.     Zero Fees on Your Luggage

There are many cheap flights available for many different destinations; however, most of them offer a high checked baggage fee and each country has its own standard size for a carry-on case which can eventually cancel the lower ticket price. If you are using ALEON’s 19” International carry-on bag on board the aircraft, you don't have to worry about checked baggage fee anywhere in the world. Even in Europe where checked baggage fees are huge, the 19” ALEON case will be compatible with local regulations and will be treated as under seat carry-on with ZERO luggage fees.

3.     Avoiding Any Loss or Damage to Your Luggage

With an under seat carry-on, you can keep a close eye on your luggage, ensuring it’s safety and avoid any damage due to rough use during luggage transfer.

Modern Design Carry-on bags

ALEON has introduced latest designs in carry-on bags ranging between 16” and 21” in length that help passengers make the most out of their air travel and add greater convenience into their journey. ALEON’s Aluminum casing carry-on bags open from the top and have zippered compartments, which make everything visible from the top. This feature is especially useful at the TSA counter in case you have to open up your luggage. With its dimensions optimized to fit beneath your seat, you do not have to worry about the overhead bins being full.

The reinforced aluminum corners and high-density double quad wheels make ALEON’s carry-on bags last longer and can be a great addition to your next air journey.

Carry-on bags are becoming more and more essential for a modern-day traveler every passing day; ALEON’s state of the art carry-on designs add great convenience and enhance the overall air travel experience helping you make the most out of your leisure or business trip.

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All You Need to Know about Packing for a Cruise

All You Need to Know about Packing for a Cruise

While going on a cruise sounds like an exciting adventure, packing for it can be quite a challenge. Most of the people who have been on a cruise realize the amount of confusion that one faces when packing for a cruise trip and the frustration one feels after coming back from the trip. To avoid feeling flustered before or after the trip, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive packing list prepared. Packing for a cruise becomes especially tricky since you will be required to follow a different dress code at different times of the day when on a cruise.

If you are all set to enjoy your vacation on a cruise but worried about how you will carry your luggage then you should try out the state of the art luggage designs by ALEON. These designs are made of aircraft grade aluminum, fitted with water resistant rubber seal and coated with water repellent Polyester lining helping them survive rough weather conditions.

Things to Keep in Mind When Packing

Before you start packing for your next cruise trip, it is important to find out what the weather would be like throughout your journey. Also, keep in mind the duration of the cruise and the kind of activities you will be indulging in. If you are traveling with family, it is advised to divide your luggage into different suitcases and keeping the number of luggage items to a minimum level.

What to Pack for a Cruise

1.    Portable Charger

Probably the most important item on your checklist would be a portable charger for your devices. It is good to carry your phone around when on a cruise to keep in touch with the other family members. Moreover, since you will be capturing a lot of special moments while on your trip, it is essential that you keep the devices charges at all times.

2.    Medication

If there is a specific medication that you take regularly, you need to make sure that you bring it along. Moreover, you should always have other over-the-counter medicines available since you never know when somebody could get a headache or suffer from diarrhea. Activated Charcoal is highly recommended since it will help combat food poisoning and treat it just in time.

3.    Water Proof Phone Case & Documents Pouch

On a cruise, it is not uncommon for individuals to try out different water adventures, which is why it is important to have everything water-proof. Most of all, you should make sure that your phone has a water-proof case since your phone is the only item that is always with you. Also, for your passport and other important documents, you need to ensure proper protection. Different brands offer a document pouch which can be used during the trip to keep the documents safe and in one place.

4.    Toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, and razors, you can never have enough of them on a trip. It is, therefore, a must to pack all these items with you before you start your journey.

5.    Clothes (Formal & Informal)

It is not necessary to pack your entire wardrobe when going on a cruise. Instead, try to plan what you are going to wear each day and depending on the dress code and the events, you can keep an adequate number of clothing items.

6.    Sea Sickness Remedies

Many people are unaware of the fact that they suffer from sea sickness which ends up ruining their trip altogether. There are many remedies to help prevent seasickness. You may want to look into options and ask your doctor for suggestions. 

7.    Other Items

Other than all the items mentioned above, it is also essential to keep a bottle of sunscreen, rubber slippers, swimsuit, and a sun hat in your luggage since you never know when you might need them.

Bottom Line

Apart from knowing what items to pack, it is also important to remember that a hard side suitcase is considered to be the best option for all your cruise packing needs. Check out the variety of designs available from ALEON to choose the right luggage solution for your next cruise.

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Understanding the Differences between Hardside & Softside Luggage

Understanding the Differences between Hardside & Softside Luggage

Add some style to your business travel! #travelwithaleonModern-day travelers have easier access to destinations around the world. Using the internet, they can reserve their seats on an airplane, book their hotels, and even purchase local train tickets online. Once the trip has been planned from start to finish, passengers are left with questions about how they will carry their luggage during the journey.

A big question is whether to use Hardside or Softside luggage during their journey. Each type of luggage has its pros and cons, but one is better than the other if you choose the right kind. Mentioned below are some essential aspects of Hardside and Softside luggage that can help you in deciding on the type of luggage you want to use on your next trip.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hardside Luggage

1.    Safety

By choosing Hardside luggage, you can free yourself from worrying about any expensive items that can break in case of rough use. Hardside luggage has an outer case which is stronger than fabric, however, when choosing between polycarbonate and aluminum the more dribble option is Aluminum. Polycarbonate can crack while aluminum will not puncture or tear. 

2.    Extra Protection

ALEON has designed aluminum frame and body luggage that is built to last and protect your luggage from dirt and water.  ALEON's cases are airtight and water-resistant keeping in view the nature of air travel today. Each case is equipped with TSA combination locks to keep your items safe and secure. Aleon cases are sealed with a frame closure for extra security. With a frame closure, you can be assured that your case won't break open as often occurs with zippered closures. Likewise, frame closures cannot be overpacked because the rigid closure will not break down and expand as fabric will. 

3.    Colors

Another significant advantage that hardside luggage has over softside is that their colors look more prominent and vibrant on the Polycarbonate or Aluminum surfaces. Due to this advantage, Hardside luggage comes in a variety of stunning colors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Softside Luggage

1.    Flexibility

Softside luggage is less rigid on the outer side making it easier for passengers to squeeze them into tight spots. However, you should be careful if you have an expensive or breakable object which can be damaged if too much pressure is applied to your luggage. The downside to flexible materials is thy will deteriorate and tear over time. 

2.    Less Vulnerable To Dings or Scratches

The material used in Softside luggage is soft and therefore it is not easy to put dents or marks on it due to rough use, but it can tear. If something gets on them, it will likely stain. The soft side can handle the impact but can also easily be damaged. 

3.    Outer Storage Pockets

Softside luggage usually comes with exterior pockets which can be used to store last minute items that you do not want to carry in hand. However, if these items are expensive, you might not want to give your bag in checked luggage rather keep it in the overhead compartment or below the seat.


Both, the Softside and Hardside luggage have their pros and cons; However, Hardside luggage seems to be a clear winner when it comes to added protection and safety of your items. The latest designs introduced by ALEON are strong enough to endure rough conditions and come in carry-on sizes as well which are easy to fit in the overhead bins or underneath your seats.

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Everything You Need to Know About Packing for Your Next Trip

Everything You Need to Know About Packing for Your Next Trip

Traveling is an enjoyable experience that brings about immense joy and pleasure. When you have selected a travel destination and freed up your schedule for the upcoming exciting time, an important question remains as to what or how much to pack for your trip.

If you have packed the right type of shoes, used the right amount of clothes and kept enough items that will help you last 10 to 15 days in a foreign place then you will thoroughly enjoy your trip without having to worry about your luggage. You should know that packing for your upcoming journey determines the quality of your trip. In this article, we have shared some tips that will make the packing process more straightforward and easier.

The Type of Suitcase to Choose

First things first, the type of suitcase that you have with you will affect the overall journey. You do not want to end up with luggage that causes all your clothes to be acrumpled. Luggage introduced by ALEON is an excellent choice when it comes to choosing a strong and fine grade material. ALEON's carry-on and checked baggage comes in different shapes and sizes ideal for any destination. Built with great design features and strong aircraft grade aluminum frame and body they are built to last long and a great investment for your travel needs.

Items to Pack

The stuff that you choose to take along will be a strong determinant of how much you enjoy your trip. Light luggage that is easy to carry and just enough for your trip will add convenience and save time.

1.     Apparel That Covers Your Basic Needs

You would love to bring an ideal wardrobe for your snaps, but you should keep in mind that you want to spend most of your time enjoying rather than carrying and unpacking your dirty clothes. Choose apparel that is a must-have rather than nice-to-have in your bag. If one pair of durable sneakers and a pair of dress shoes will be enough, then don’t pack more as shoes take the most space in your luggage. Prefer clothing that is light and gives you more convenience over the ones that are trendy and make you look good in pictures.

2.     Wear Items That Are the Bulkiest

If your travel requires heavy items such as jackets and hiking shoes then wearing them while traveling will save you space and make your luggage light and convenient to carry. This is a great way to bring more while carrying less in your bag.

3.     Toiletries

Bring basic toiletries that will help in your trips, such as shaving kit, sewing kit, mouthwash, cologne, mini mirror, and laundry detergent. All this will help your prevent facing a difficult situation that you have not prepared for.

Efficient Ways to Pack Your Stuff

Now that you are ready with your list of stuff to take, the next part is to pack them to perfection. ALEON’s carry-on and checked baggage will keep your items safe and wrinkle-free in all conditions as long as you use the right techniques to pack them.

1.     Efficient Use of Space

If you are using an ALEON carry-on bag, then space should be the least of your worries as it includes a compression packing system that keeps your clothing wrinkle-free and the rigid compression boards hold everything in place using the Velcro straps. It also includes removable and padded interior organizer that can hold your laptop, tablet or any other portable device.

2.     Plan To Do Your Laundry

Being prepared for laundry during your travel is a great idea when you want to carry less. If you don't want to spend your budget on housekeeping, then you can keep detergent to do your laundry yourself.

3.     Carry a Toiletry Bag

Having all your toiletries in a single bag adds great convenience. You can lay it flat on top of your stuff so that it doesn’t take much space and makes it easy to keep things together during the entire trip.

Traveling is a great way to gain new life experiences and enjoy a break after putting in busy hours at work and getting caught up in a daily routine. Great luggage planning adds the much-needed convenience in your vacation and allows you to gain maximum enjoyment out of your trip!



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Why Aluminum Luggage and why Aleon Aluminum Luggage?

Why Aluminum Luggage and why Aleon Aluminum Luggage?

Luggage and Business Cases

Luggage and Business Cases fabricated from Aluminum has been in use for over seventy years, introduced in Germany in 1937 and in the United States in 1938. Each of the manufacturer’s catered to the upper classes with prices of Aluminum Luggage being substantially higher than most other prestige or premium luggage brands.

Aluminum Luggage and Business Cases have been a status symbol since introduction, priced out of reach of the majority of travelers and hence seen as a luxury purchase with the exception of cases used to protect expensive equipment such as cameras and camera equipment.

Aluminum Suitcases

Aluminum Luggage and Cases offer unsurpassed durability and superior protection for their contents. Aluminum will outlast any fabric or polymer such as Polycarbonate or ABS used in Hard-side Luggage. When fabricated properly Aluminum Luggage and Business Cases will last a lifetime and while subject to scratching, dings and dents it will never crack, split, tear, puncture or have zipper or stitching failures.

In 2016 Aleon entered the Luggage Market with their Iconic collection of Aluminum Luggage and Business Cases fabricated from Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy. With their combined experience and expertise exceeding fifty (50) years fabricating aluminum for the commercial aircraft industry the principals of Aleon brought that knowledge and understanding the luggage industry by designing and producing luggage and business cases of superior quality and durability. Not content to be just another prestige aluminum product line Aleon’s management by using state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing practices set about to introduce Aluminum Luggage and Business Cases to a significantly larger class of consumers. Their aircraft grade aluminum products are designed to withstand the rigors of today’s travel, to be timeless in design and significantly more affordable. Addition Aleon offers a warranty twice that of the so-called prestige brands.

If you are in the market for luggage that will offer you years and years of worry-free ease of travel you cannot buy a more durable, secure or carefree piece of luggage at any price. See Aleon at your neighborhood Luggage Dealer or online at

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